On behalf of the Canadian Nuclear Society it is my great honour to announce the 11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components.

The CNS Utility Engagement Team is an integral part of the Organizing Committee for this 'flagship' conference that will bring together subject matter experts from operating utilities and service providers under the banner of Delivering Clean Energy through CANDU® Life Extension.

CMNCC 2017 will follow the same approach as previous CANDU maintenance conferences, but with broadened scope to include all major components found in nuclear power plants worldwide.

The program will be built around the needs and interests of the operating utilities, where the utilities identify issues of importance to them and service providers undertake to find solutions. It will focus on the future, while making use of past and present experience with successful refurbishment and life extension initiatives to ensure that CANDU Nuclear Power Plants continue to achieve world-class performance and provide safe, reliable and clean energy in Canada and where CANDU reactors operate around the world.

Plan to participate in CMNCC 2017 as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or individual and become actively engaged in the challenges and opportunities of Delivering Clean Energy through CANDU® Life Extension now and into the future.


Aman Usmani, Conference General Chair



This conference is of interest to those involved in engineering, evaluation or operation of major nuclear plant components; operating utility representatives; consultants and others involved with design, construction, and plant refurbishment; researchers and scientists; and regulators from around the world.

Seven parallel tracks are planned around the main conference theme of Providing Clean Energy through CANDU Life Extension.

CANDU Refurbishments
Benchmarking Programs
Asset Management, Equipment Reliability Programs
Aging Management Programs
Power Derating Mitigation
Post-Fukushima Strategies
Succession Planning & Attracting Young Professional to Industry

The CANDU® Configuration Overview Course complements CMNCC 2017 by providing the opportunity for participants to become familiarized with the basic layout of a nuclear station and the function of nuclear plant equipment. This one-day Course can help to provide context for better understanding of the technical presentations made at CMNCC 2017, as well as provide a general knowledge primer for those working in areas of analysis, research, plant modifications, or refurbishment.

The Course can be attended by anyone, but some technical background and/or basic familiarity with nuclear fission would be beneficial. Please note that the Course does not explain the nuclear chain reaction, the behaviour of neutrons, or the principles of nuclear safety. The Course is focused on nuclear maintenance, and simply addresses nuclear fission as a source of heat and radiation.

Those who successfully complete the Course and a brief self-marked test are eligible to receive Engineering Institute of Canada Continuing Education Units.

The Course takes place at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel on Sunday, October 1 from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. This is a popular course and space is limited, so be sure to register early to ensure your participation.

A number of student grants will be available, thanks to generous support from industry sponsors. These fixed-amount grants, payable at the end of the conference, support the participation of qualifying students who plan careers within the nuclear industry. Click here for details and click here to download the application form. The deadline to apply is August 25, 2017.

Students who are interested in the grant program details should contact the Conference Administrator.