Honorary Chair
Shane Ryder, Vice President Fleet Operations & Maintenance,
Ontario Power Generation

Conference General Chair
Aman Usmani, Amec Foster Wheeler

Conference Co-Chair
Kamal Verma, SNC Lavalin/Candu Energy Inc.

Plenary Program Chair
Keith Stratton, Stratton Consulting Inc.

Plenary Program Advisors
Jacques Plourde, Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada

Paul Spekkens, Kinectrics Inc.
Paul Thompson, NB Power

Plenary Program Committee
Ruth Burany, Kinectrics Inc.

Graham MacDonald, Ontario Power Generation
Herb Schmid, Bruce Power
Derek Mullin, NB Power

Technical Program & Proceedings Co-Chairs
Metin Yetisir, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Krish Krishnan, Sankrish Consulting Inc.

Technical Program Committee
Stephen Yu, SNC Lavalin/Candu Energy Inc.
Ken Kirkhope, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Utility Engagement Chair
Polad Zahedi, Ontario Power Generation

Utility Engagement Team
Brandon Lambert, Bruce Power
Owen Marshall-Glew, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Graham MacDonald, Ontario Power Generation

Nick Preston, Ontario Power Generation (retired)

Conference Treasurer
Mohinder Grover, M.S. Grover & Associates

Assisting the Conference Treasurer
John Roberts, JGRchem Inc.

Sponsorship & Exhibits Chair
Kris Mohan
Kris Mohan, Wiznucleus

Assisting the Sponsorship & Exhibits Chair
Andrew Ali, Amec Foster Wheeler
Ruth Burany, Kinectrics Inc.
Mo Fadaee, Ryerson University

Publicity Chair
Peter Easton, Eastworks Consulting
Assisting the Publicity Chair
Mo Fadaee, Ryerson University

Industry Liaison Chair
Ron Oberth
Ron Oberth, Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries

CANDU Owners Liaison Co-Chairs
Macit Cobanoglu, CANDU Owners Group
Don Wilson, CANDU Owners Group

Assisting the CANDU Owners Liaison Co-Chairs
Nalini Valliere, CANDU Owners Group

CANDU® Course Chair
Graham MacDonald, Ontario Power Generation

Student Program Chair
Revi Kizhatil, BWXT Canada Ltd.

Jacques Plourde, Conference Senior Advisor, Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada
Daniel Gammage, Conference Senior Advisor, Amec Foster Wheeler
Peter Ozemoyah, Conference Senior Advisor, Tyne Engineering
Ken Smith, Financial Advisor, formerly AECL and NRCan
Mohamed Younis, Financial Advisor, Amec Foster Wheeler

Conference Administrator
Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs, The Professional Edge